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In my most stripped down moments, when I'm alone with my fears but full of bliss, I know that my deepest desire is to create. I started taking myself seriously as a photographer in 2014 on the heels of a major life transition. I find that whether it's with paintbrush or camera in hand, my deepest connection is born of creative expression. 

I'd been struggling to find my voice as an artist for a long time (truth be told I still struggle with this). One day I took my camera out and photographed the ocean at sunset. It was like I'd come home to myself.  Since then, I've found that there is beauty calling to be seen everywhere I go. Whether it's a fragile, dew covered spider web or a wave, spraying golden dust into the sky, I realize that one of my greatest gifts is to see beauty where it lives. It doesn't hurt that we live in one of the most breathtaking areas in the world, but nonetheless, I've come to see the world through different, more awake eyes. 

My wife and my friends laugh at my distractibility. I'm prone to interrupting a conversation with, 'will you look at that cloud' or 'what the...that light is amazing'. I'm grateful for these new eyes. I hope that you find some joy here, looking at my photos. Taking them has been transformative and heart opening.


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